Kleen Kast
Don't want to get wet in the shower?

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Looking for a safe,clean and effective way to keep your arm or leg cast dry while you are showering ?well.....look no further......you found it! Aquapro!!!our unique product is designed for quick,easy, and effective use.One size fits all (not sure if I am only making one size at this point). It apostrophe s patented design makes it a cinch to use. No muss...no fuss... no wet casts or bandages. It apostrophe s so simple to use,even a child can use it. Simple slide it over your cast and voila.... it apostrophe s done.No straps, no adhesive strips no submerging in water. When you finish your shower,just throw it away...it apostrophe s recyclable. underline recyclable. It is inexpensive, easy to use and disposable. Hospital tested. you simply cannot afford not to use it.....Don apostrophe t get soaked by using anything else.Due to short periods using casts and hygienic reasons Aquapro cavers are not returnable. This product is designed and produced for shower use only.

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