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Short Term Lease Agreement
Chana Cohen
P.O. BOX 11206 San Juan, PR 00922

∙Name: ______________________________

∙Address and Phone number: ________________________________________________

∙Security deposit: ______________________________

∙Date of Check-in: _______________________________

∙Date of Check-out: _______________________________

∙Apartment size: _______________________________

∙Rate: _______________________________

∙Cleaning fee: _______________________________

∙Tax: 7%

∙Electricity: _______________________________ (On monthly rentals)

∙Other: _______________________________

∙Total: _______________________________

∙Terms of this Lease Agreement

  1. The apartment shall be used as a residence only.
  2. The Tenant acknowledges that the premises are in good order and repair unless indicated.
  3. The first $100.00 repairs will be paid by the Tenant for items damaged due to his/her negligence.
  4. Owner shall not be liable for any damage or injury to Tenants or any other person, or property occurring on the premises or in common areas unless damage is the proximate result of negligence of unlawful act of owners. The Tenant agrees to hold owner harmless from any claims for damages no matter how caused, except for injury or damages for which the owner is legally responsible.
  5. Tenant is responsible to pay all telephone and incidental charges made to the account of the apartment for the period of the lease (unless noted otherwise.)
  6. The Lease contract can be renewed with the consent of both parties
  7. Minimum 60 day notice for any cancellations during low season. Minimum 90 days notice for any cancellation during high season.
  8. We accept Visa or Master Card (adds a 4% processing fee to the transaction).

Accepted and signed by:

Please sign


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